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Author Topic: BBC Goerz Metrawatt, Test leads KS21 ( 1980 Kabelset )  (Read 117 times)

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BBC Goerz Metrawatt, Test leads KS21 ( 1980 Kabelset )
« on: November 15, 2018, 07:07:37 PM »
This is a topic which I am writing so to present pictures of original test leads for many BBC Goerz Metrawatt analog multimeter of 1985
Ident Nr. GTY 362 0035 P01

History it did record that this generation of  BBC Goerz Metrawatt analog multimeter was and is high-end meters of that era all designed for professional use.

My very own MA4S this is industrial version, but when I got it as used I did not receive original test leads, and I was unaware of how they look like.
Some one on eBay demonstrate pictures of these KS21 test leads and this was a great opportunity for me which I now share for you to see.

Practically all test leads of our century they are much better and more safe to use, I do not deliver either any buying recommendation for this ancient  ( 1980 Kabelset ).
But it is nice to see then just of curiosity, in the end of the day they are production sample of our Europe when this was not lazy and producing it own test leads.

Regarding electrical specifications, these leads they should handle 750V AC/DC and 25A with out time limit.           
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