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Author Topic: My Hot glue gun died and my replacement will be latest AODON AD-F 120W  (Read 81 times)

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My Hot glue gun died few days ago, it did say it last word and this was  ! BANG ! sound (and fuses blown at my distribution electrical panel).

I did my very own research so to discover what is most fresh introduced technology at  Hot glue gun them made with quality parts and smart design.
After wasting a complete weekend searching and exploring I did find all truths that there is out there. 

And I am now aware that my next Hot glue gun this must include nozzle with mechanical valve so to not drip glue and also it must include thermostat so to not overheat low melting point glue sticks.
Another advantage of thermostat this is about me raising the temperature as required for the much harder (high-temp) glue sticks.

While eBay this is full of products all looking similar, the danger is high if you do not pay attention to detail  because the factory which produces AODON AD-F at 100W or 120W this is not a toy factory but a real one.

Dongguan City Shunqiang Electronic Tools Factory This is many years in business and dedicated maker of Hot glue guns, Hot air guns, maker of PTC ceramic heating elements (for hot glue guns).
Unfortunately for us internet users, this factory does not have web-page, even so they are very proud for their work and their products are well described in this page.
I paid for my gun 8.77 Euros shipped to Greece and I am currently waiting to arrive.
Even so by searching much deeper at wholesale waters, I discovered that this product leave the factory at lowest possible price of 2.77$ USD or 2.45 EUR

HUGE BEWARE NOTE to anyone thinking getting one:
1) I do consider price of 8.77 Euros or $12.99 AUD  or $9.94 USD as the highest acceptable and anything above that this becomes a ripoff.
2) If you do not locate over the product AODON AD-F product sticker do not buy it.
3) it is circulating copy of AODON AD-F this be under other brand or totally brand-less this be poor performer with weak PTC heater (half size that AODON) and also having older technology electronics,  thermostat control knob this is solid orange color and a tiny led this is buried behind thermostat sticker (Celsius points).     
I did select the 120W version so to avoid disappointment if I will ever need to use hard high-temp glue sticks.
Marking of 100W or 120W this is over the gun it self by dedicated sticker.

Thermostat control knob this is transparent acrylic and at the back there is LED (activity light) which makes the knob to light red or becomes dark red at inactivity.
Thermostat control circuit this using BT136-600E  Triac 600V TO-220.

PTC heater this is approximately 120mm long, 3mm height, 8mm wide.

For now enjoy the pictures, and I will say more when I will get it  ;)
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