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Author Topic: Fluke 8846A software - what is included with FVF-UG CD ?  (Read 25 times)

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Fluke 8846A software - what is included with FVF-UG CD ?
« on: February 06, 2019, 11:25:05 AM »
2019 it is the year that I am inquiring market of 6 1/2 multimeter with PC logging capability.

Fluke 8846A while this is not a fresh released product and neither popular, it is hard for some one to bypass DC voltage specification of 0.0025% among with it 10 Ohm range, and to not recognize it superiority within current market solutions competition even up to date.

For taking truly advantage of such precision multimeter, I would expect a software bungle this capable for data logging even of voltage reference chip.
Therefore the worthy software logger it should deliver to us the ability so we to set  upper and lower voltage limits, so the logged graph to include extreme detail down to last digit.
When I did testing of FlukeView Forms V3.8  with CNX 3000 multimeter,  I did not notice such options within the software. 

I did repeatedly search for third-party software for Fluke 8846A, that is a data-logging software with a richer control and graphical interface, but there is no any.
According to text found at FLUKE product flyer  FVF-UG CD this includes  FlukeView Forms V3.0,  possibly fresher reproduction of this product to include a higher revision, but either way even FlukeView Forms V3.8  this is a product released back at 6/2015 and not updated since that date.

FlukeView Forms quick test.
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