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Author Topic: History Facts Keithley Model 2750 Multimeter - 3D view & internals  (Read 126 times)

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Keithley Model 2750:  Multimeter/ Data Acquisition/ Switch system.

Keithley Model 2750 this is a member of Keithley Integra series (Year 2003).

Keithley 2750 this all these years it was and is looking as invisible, because Keithley hide it in to a promotion catalogue of Switch systems.
At 2018 several of Keithley 2750 they shown on German eBay and several months back I did this discovery when I was looking for a used benchtop multimeter.
Keithley 2750 this is from the few benchtop multimeter this having low resistance range of 10 Ohm.
Accuracy specifications’ delivered by Keithley they are confusing as they mention ppm units comparison instead of percentage.

I found such a DMM in the price of less than 400 EUR with out scanner cards, and wasted a month time of research so to collect any available information’s, and my discovery was one MS-Excel plug in as data logging software and also the fact that Keithley this is hostile regarding calibration pricing or about delivering spare parts to customer hands.

While I came extremely close to get it, I did an 180 degrees turn and this later proven as wisest choice I ever made, because I am now much happier with my used 8846A which this has spare parts availability, and most Fluke authorized resellers’ they will help you getting them. 

Keithley Model 2750 this also hiding another risk as used :  Keithley updated it firmware several times and recent firmware cannot be used at older hardware revisions. :P

Now back then which I did my inquiry, what was impossible for me to find this was pictures of 2750 internals.
Today I was browsing German eBay used equipment's and I got lucky finding a 2750 with out it top cover and therefore here it is also your opportunity seeing what is inside.  :)

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