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Author Topic: EU Consumers corner - READ ME - Before Posting or Reporting a problem  (Read 296 times)

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Dear members and visitors of ITTSB Blog,  this forum section is now here ( 19 May 2019) so this to become a public space that awareness will be served mostly regarding expectations of In and Out of Warranty product support.

In Warranty product support, this must be well defined by a legal agreement document that is your obligation to be aware of all terms prior buying any new product.
Out of Warranty product support this is usually not documented and this is a sector that shines ONLY brand names which they truly care for their customers and their Long Term satisfaction.

This board it can host a customer product support complain of adult’s only, them throwing away anonymity, and by the presentation of evidence that their case this is real and not a fake one.
Therefore this board it will be strictly moderated from us ITTSB Blog Team.

Most of times when a consumer facing a problematic behaviour from a Brand name and manufacturer of a product, a consumer disappointment and comments has no actual impact, simply because this is not publically available.
Such brands which misusing consumers and continue doing Business as usual by following unconventional tactics, now they will be exposed.

Most European consumers they lacking awareness of how simple this is you becoming a member of consumer rights protection organisation in your own country.
A yearly membership this will cost you approximately 25 Euro and when you are in need for help, you will receive it by consultants and attorneys’ at no cost for you.
I am Kiriakos Triantafillou and my personal satisfaction and expectation this is limited to the fact that worthy brands in customer support performance and at handing over spare parts to consumers, they will praised and won an increased customers preference.
And any others using Dark Age’s tactics they will gain the fame that they deserve.

We Europeans, we did teach our society this using fair trade practices and most of our Made in EU products do not follow planned obsolescence.
European Union this also fighting planned obsolescence, and consumers rights they are now a top priority.

But its one of European consumer he has the moral obligation to report mostly to authorities of any troublesome condition that he gets involved or discovers.
Customer complains in to Blog and forums this is our own defense shield but this will not solve the problem but it will point it out.
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