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Author Topic: Electrician favorite spring clamp - wolfcraft FZ 40 - Made in EU !  (Read 156 times)

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My favorite clamp in the past five years, actually I got a pair of them.
They perform well even at clamping metal parts for drilling holes, but they can not tolerate heat caused by grinding or welding.
Some times you do forget that they are made of plastic.  ;D  Made in EU !!

10 July 2019  Wolfcraft marketing team accepted ITTSB Blog marketing proposal and they are sending over product samples of two kilos weight.  8)
Originally I did a samples request for a specific product (Microfix clamp) that I am thinking to convert to Kelvin clip.
They accepted but then I made and a second suggestion about four more product codes than could be seen as preferred by people working as electricians or in electronics.
Wolfcraft marketing team accepted and my second suggestion and now at about 23 July 2019, I am expecting product samples delivery.   ;)

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