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Author Topic: Announcement: Wolfcraft Handtools - incoming product samples (Made in EU) 7-2019  (Read 50 times)

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10 of July 2019  Wolfcraft marketing team accepted ITTSB Blog marketing proposal and they are sending over product samples of two kilos weight.  8)

Originally I did a samples request for a specific product (Microfix clamp) a number of product samples that I am thinking to convert to Kelvin clip.
They accepted but then I made and a second suggestion about four more product codes than could be seen as preferred by people working as electricians or in electronics.
Wolfcraft marketing team accepted and my second suggestion and now at about 23 July 2019, I am expecting product samples delivery in Greece.

A little bit of background history.
About five years ago the first Praktiker store shown up in my city, in my first visit at opening day, while I am a man invested over 40.000 Euros in tools (so far), this wolfcraft FZ 40 clamp it did a good impression to my eyes and fingers, and I got two of them.
Praktiker store this is well known about overcharging customers, and therefore I did not escape either.  >:(

Even so I am a very happy customer of wolfcraft FZ 40 clamp!
This clamp product helped me allot at several of my projects, mostly when I am working by using metal sheets of aluminum or copper.
Originally Wolfcraft products aiming market of people working with wood and carpenters, in my case I did stressed the product several levels up than what it was designed for and even so this lasted undamaged and up to date.

Back to July 2019 :)
With significant enthusiasm I did contact Wolfcraft marketing team headquarters in Austria.
Miss Nora Strobl, Team leader customer service CEE, she did forwarded my product samples request to Power-That-Be at Wolfcraft and ITTSB Blog proposal it did receive approval!

Testing and conversion of  microfix S mini clamps in to Kelvin clips this is a separate mission.
It does need it time so this project to be completed and presented in public.
microfix S mini clamps with key-ring 

Explanation of how I made this product samples wish list. 

microfix XS clamp magnet: By looking this product my first though was = Cable management solution for workbench with metallic selves.
We use to stack benchtop instruments at 40 centimeter height and higher than our bench flat surface.
When we are using benchtop instruments, lots of test lead wires and or Coaxial cables they run down to connect with our DUT.
Such wires - cables they can hide or abstract the LCD or VFD screen (display of the measuring instruments), therefore such a small helper clamp with magnetic base, it might be our problem solver solution.

MTR 70 - pointed ratchet lever :
By looking this product my first though was = Install - Uninstall assistant when I am repairing panel shape devices, replacing or pilot light, switches, panel mount connectors, when my thin and very long pliers fail to serve the job then MTR 70 this it might be the answer.  ;)

EHZ 65-150 Pro one-hand clamp: EHZ 65-150 Pro this is brother model of the larger in jaws depth and length EHZ PRO series with 100mm jaws depth.
EHZ PRO this is designed to compete with STANLEY FatMax clamps (Made in China) series (according my understanding so far) .
Wolfcraft web-page this is a bit confusing and its not immediately obvious the models scaling of this product line.
a) EHZ PRO with 100mm jaws depth
b) EHZ PRO with 65mm jaws depth
c) EHZ EASY series with 75mm jaws depth
d) EHZ EASY sold as pair of clamps with 40mm jaws depth

What I do expect from such class of clamps, this is them to deliver clamping force that holds metal over wooden workbench so I to work freely about cutting with jigsaw power tools, grinding and other tasks.
Spring clamps has limits and therefore EHZ Pro 65-150 this seems as golden solution in favor of high clamping power offered by a not bulky tool (over all tool dimensions).
Wolfcraft offering of 10 years warranty I do translate this in to amount of faith that the factory has for this class of products. ;)

Universal Angle & Try Square L=300mm :
I have never see before such Universal Angle tool, this be designed to deliver highest productivity than ever before to experts.
I am up to discover of what this tool can do on metal sheets too,  when I am working at designing aluminum panel type cabinets.
ITTSB project: Assembly of a Variac Powerstat 226U

professional precision knife: It is enough to get a good look of the head that is holding the blade of this specific professional precision knife, and you will turn your back at all similar looking ones.
Several years ago I did get a Pen knife from eBay with plastic box and several blades.
All three pen knife (pen holders) in that set were having plastic screw threads which very shortly get damaged, and blades can not stay in place any more if you work over plastic sheets than thin paper.
My first impression is that this tool, it is build by Wolfcraft according quality standards them alone separating kids from men. 

ITTSB Blog purpose this is not to deliver positive recommendations to brands which does not respect the right of consumer about repair-ability of products and spare parts.
wolfcraft Spare Part Service
Wolfcraft seems to make here also the difference by spare-parts coverage and Made in EU tools and spare parts !! 

LINK wolfcraft YouTube Channel
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