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Author Topic: Calibration Tools: Ceramic capacitors Class 1 for multimeter and LCR inspection  (Read 817 times)

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At my youth I did several projects related to RF (FM band) and I was keeping stock of several low value ceramic capacitors for more than twenty years, them now proven to be at 2020 an small treasure. 8)

At my youth we did not have internet, and no one told us that the supply of Philips Europe ceramic capacitors that we was buying for our projects, some of them was a Class 1 type ( ultimate quality among tightest specifications regarding tolerances).

Very recently I did become aware, that industry of electrical calibration this demonstrate trust exclusively at Ceramic capacitors Class 1, in the assembly of capacitance calibration boxes.

I have only three Ceramic capacitors Class 1, and I feel very lucky now, because their values they are exactly what I would need so to complete this new set of tools.
The tool set this is what you see in the pictures among with an Ceramic capacitors Class 1, plus one empty dual banana plug.
From portable multimeter up to quality benchtop and even at testing an LCR,  the methodology of use this is identical.
a) First connect the empty dual banana plug at the meter and wait for one minute.
b) Activate Zero/ REL function
c) Remove the empty dual banana plug and insert the one of the three values.

My first tests they offered to me a big smile at my face, especially when I tested some of my handheld multimeter then having a very high of digits resolution at the capacitance function. :)
Today I will present pictures of my NEW calibration capacitance standards.
But the truth is that I was also motivated to make and two portable resistance standards.   ;)

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Perfection to the Max as always !!  :) 



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