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Author Topic: Ansmann PowerLine 4 PRO Ni-MH Charger - AA Ports damage & repair  (Read 376 times)

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Ansmann PowerLine 4 PRO Ni-MH charger after some time using it, I did one sad discovery.
While Ansmann it did use one modern and smart electronic processor this capable to truly refresh older Ni-mh cells so them to restore their capacity, team worked at product physical design this made a tragic mistake.

Negative contacts of all four AA ports they housed over a thin (internal) plastic lip this be part of top cover, this narrow and thin line of plastic supposedly would work as rest and pressure area when AA cells inserted in the charger.
Unfortunately this plastic wall it did damaged in all four AA ports and this causing now poor electrical connection at the negative side.

Such poor electrical connection it does causing several problems at charger circuit, results of battery capacity tests could be false, battery internal resistance check this fails too, fully charging of single AA cell there is no warranty that it did happen.

Due the fact that bellows this plastic wall (lip) there is another compartment which is the housing area of low row of push buttons, it is not possible to repair it.

Therefore my own alternative method was to buy five economy chargers for Li-ion cells and to use their housing as external battery holder.

For my new project I did select Universal Li-ion 3.7V Smart Battery Charger for 18650 16340 14500 26650 EU Plug.
Now, 26650 cell dimensions these are compatible to Ni-CD 1.2V cells and this option of cycling Ni-CD cells with this charger this is something that I was missing.

I will not get in to wiring and How-To details.
This work it is a challenge that all experts they will find all answers as soon they decide to start a similar project.
My intention this is to motivate ITTSB Blog readers by informing them that you can cure this problem.

My very own last challenge this has to do about aesthetics and I am now thinking of how I can create one base-stand that PowerLine 4 PRO among with external charging ports will look and become as one piece of equipment.
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