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Today I can say that BRYMEN BM189 Clamp Meter it does belong in the category of modern and fast tools of our times.
All the tests, and even the direct comparison with a clamp probe of the highest performance ones, it shown clearly that BM180 Series of BRYMEN it is something very special.

Even in 2014, clamp on meters with high performance is not easy to be found, and I am glad that BM189 made this high score of 7 points to 10Max.

BRYMEN received a copy of my review, and I am aware that they will carefully evaluate it, so to further improve the design of their products.
Product review Link.
BRYMEN BM189 Clamp meter  review – By the eye of the Industrial electrician

Feel free to read my review and to add any comments in this topic.

Personally I am now even more interested to discover and other similar high performance clamp meter.  :)
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