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Author Topic: GW Instek - 2014: Code name Sexy & Beyond .. (GDS200/300)  (Read 1537 times)

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GW Instek - 2014: Code name Sexy & Beyond .. (GDS200/300)
« on: September 23, 2014, 05:03:04 PM »
While ITTSB Blog is now 28 months old, personally I am monitoring the market of test and measurement equipment since March 2010.

I did become a witness of several product promotion campaigns.
Most of them were hypotonic regarding the sense of humor in use or better said as very conservative who seemed as some one using printed magazine marketing tricks over the Internet by the usual marketing approach of selecting  a new text slogan with the addition of a colorful graphic.

From the other hand FLUKE Corporation is the one who discovered first the power of Youtube.
Some of their few professionally made videos which are using also the element of comedy they do have a great impact to the viewers even today. 
The scenario from the one that I liked most was including an electrician who were walking in an industrial facility by taking all sort of measurements and the element of comedy was involving here and then with a mix of imaginary and realistic situations.

Code name: Sexy & Beyond
This is definably something new as video production.
While the plot and action is not much, it seems clearly that GW Instek stuff of electronics engineers among with a crew of actors having fun in front of the camera lens.

Under the hood of this video are the joy and the enthusiasm of GW Instek about their new GDS-200 & GDS-300 portable multimeter & Oscilloscope.

This is a true milestone for them as they are now the fathers of a new generation of a portable test and measurement equipment, which comes with touch screen and in a way with a very new handling concept.

In Taitronics 2014 October 6-9 the new GDS-200 / 300 series will be in public view for a first time.

What it would be interesting to watch is the reaction of the visitors when testing it.  :)


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