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Author Topic: Galaxy S5 & Bluetooth 4.0 megabytes per second benchmarks with Windows XP Pro  (Read 722 times)

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Intro: This topic it is dedicated to people looking for the truth about how many Megabytes per second can be transferred between two Bluetooth 4.0 devices.

Smart phone device in my test this is Samsung Galaxy S5 ( famous G900F with replaceable battery and partially waterproof ).

Bluetooth 4.0 (USB) dongle under test this is ORICO BTA-408 based on BCM20702, and also this is a model with 10 meters of range ( somewhat more powerful).

Bluetooth 4.0 Maximum Data Rate
This is most confusing thing even for some one like me which I do have accept a portion of IT education as Windows 2000 Servers specialist.
Maximum Data Rate as number written with measured value in Mb/S  or Mbit this is Mega Bit and not Mega Byte.

Because even Wikipedia this looks messed up,  I will say to all:  Imagine this Mega Bit as to be a drummer playing a drum, faster strokes on the drum = faster music.
Mega Bytes this simile as measuring unit of Kilos, we are trying to measure quantity and  file size this is our easy to understand detail.
Bluetooth 4.0 Maximum Data Rate this is a theoretical number of 3M bits  ( three mega bits)  equal to a drummer hitting a drum 3000 times per second.

Mega Bits Per Second to Mega bytes conversion can be found here https://www.gbmb.org/mbps-to-mbs   

Bluetooth 4.0 obtainable Maximum Data Rate
I got this information mostly in the form of a gossip because tests made by serious sources usually does not come up in public view.
This info mentions  obtainable Maximum Data 0.7-2.1 Mbps instead of theoretical  3000 Mbps (drum bits).


Windows PC  and Bluetooth software in Windows XP Pro Sp3
Bluetooth 4.0 this is actually another radio system, close equivalent to it this walkie talkie radio but in our case our radio this is able to transfer computer files.
When using a walkie talkie,  Press to Talk and duration of speech this is controlled by the user.
In Windows PC such functions are made by the use of software this called as Bluetooth stack (Bluetooth protocol stack).

Such Bluetooth stack software, this is made by Microsoft and also it is possible to be made by an Bluetooth software developer this working for a Bluetooth manufacturer.
In recent years most Windows users has a choice of which software they will select to use.
Only one of such Bluetooth software can be active in a computer system.

Bluetooth stack this shipped with Windows XP has limitations that most people does know about.
1)  Software this is limited to handle only files of size up to 70 Mega bytes, for larger files this deliver an error message.
2)  Software this controlling Bluetooth 4.0 radio, never was intended to handle  3M bits hardware.
Therefore Windows XP Radio control software this is unable to use Bluetooth 4.0 radio at taking full advantage of this hardware, speaking of performance in file transfer.

Third party Bluetooth stack this shipped with a new Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle this is capable to control hardware up to it limits of performance.
ORICO BTA-408 this based on BCM20702 this is Broadcom brand, and software this is made also by Broadcom.

Test results :

If you are still reading then now you know that a fast car this require and a fast driver so this to win a race.

Windows XP Bluetooth stack this is able to deliver as best 1 Mbps = 0.125 MB/s

Broadcom  Bluetooth stack this is able to deliver as best 1.6 Mbps = 0.2 MB/s   =  200kb per second.

Regarding Samsung Galaxy S5, this and most smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0, they use by default a protocol (gear box) this named as Bluetooth 4.0 LE also as BLE,
this aiming less performance in data rate in benefit of electrical power savings (big car with small carburetor).

In conclusion 
After all my tests I did gained awareness of possible hardware and software limitations, in the application of what a Windows XP system this can do with file transfer when this is connected to a smartphone.
What I am unable to test this is a file transfer between two computers them using identical Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle, and regarding software this Fast Bluetooth stack of Broadcom.
This hardware setup possibly it is more capable for the delivery of theoretical performance of 3 Mbps = 0.375 MB/s

For Windows 7 & 10 as newer ones, I am unable to test if Microsoft did a better job in their own Bluetooth stack software.
Either way latest Broadcom  Bluetooth stack this it does push their own BCM20702 chip at peak performance even when this is used with windows XP.
For now my impression this is that my smartphone this is bandwidth limited regarding file transfer performance, therefore and possibly I just discovered the data rate limits of Samsung S5 G900F.
Now if this ORICO BTA-408 this can do any better ? I will never find out. 

My application for ORICO BTA-408 this is data-logging of electrical values by the use of several multimeter all loaded with Bluetooth Radios (multiple communication of many Bluetooth 4.0 Radio).

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For people more knowledgeable to Windows software troubleshooting, I am posting information's below.

Hardware id: USB\VID_0A5C&PID_21E8&REV_0112   

Broadcom  32 bit ( WHQL = Yes )

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