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Author Topic: Kiriakos Bluetooth dongle antenna hack 28m Range !! 14-7-2017  (Read 939 times)

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28m of range this is much better than 6m, but we lost the router   ;D ;D 8)

ORICO BTA-408 Bluetooth 4.0 dongle while I selected it due it quality of chip BCM20702, speaking of range this is a huge disappointment.
Out of the box this does only six meters ... What ?  YES 

ORICO engineers did something terrible speaking of PCB antenna design and performance speaking of range in meters this is terrible to unacceptable.

Bluetooth & WiFi  antennas both working at about 2,4GHz and therefore due identical wavelength they are able to serve in both applications.

Instead spending money to hack my Bluetooth dongle, I did use old items that I am keeping for spare parts.
New dongle case this is from old USB to IR dongle ( old days of Windows 98).
The Antenna came from my old Thomson TG587  ( Equipment which I was using five years back with old internet provider.) 

In conclusion
New performance limits they are fantastic  8)
a) 10 meters ( within walls )
b) 20  meters line of sight (warrantied pairing)
c) 28 meters  line of sight  ( Stable link by standing at side walk of next square from my office )

dBi Gain of Thomson TG587 Antenna this is 3.01 dBi at 2472 MHz, and it did miracles in my case.  ;)
Length this is approximately 9 centimeters.

Enjoy the pictures !!  :)
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