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Author Topic: Resistivity benchmark ONLY for talented Precision benchtop multimeter  (Read 49 times)

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Originally I thought to perform testing of contact resistance of new (four pin) Molex type connectors, the ones that every computer power supplies they come with.

A new Molex plug this includes four male or four female pins among plastic cover.
Price of single plug with pins this is very inexpensive.

Primarily I thought to measure resistivity (contacts resistance) from side to side which the cable this gets installed and this is two milliohm in a new and unused set of pins (male connected to female).

Then I thought to measure resistivity starting from cable installation point, and up to the center that is half distance and this now measured at one milliohm.
I do consider now these inexpensive Molex pins as one material that it can be used by anyone as Resistivity benchmark.

Benchtop multimeter that it can be benchmarked this is the one including 10 Ohms measuring range and also come with high resolution regarding digits.
( 6 ½, 7 ½, 8 ½ ) .
Four wires measurement, this is another requirement among with the use of Kelvin clips.

Bellow are test results of Fluke 8846A when this tested against HIOKI dedicated resistor meter this worth three times more than the multimeter.

HIOKI meter with on-board Comparator function this is able to make a reliable judgment down to 0.005% of resistor tolerance, RM3542A this does auto-calibration every few minutes, test leads resistance this is automatically zeroed, and this is something that a regular multimeter can not do.
RM3542A this translates to hassle free repeatability and measuring precision, because of it several internal circuits (Helper Functions) them operating as active guardians always awake and always present.

Now that all details they are explained, your may proceed to discover how your own benchtop multimeter this measure up.

Fluke 8846A this has precision specification for Ohms at 0.05% (12 months).
Specific DMM this is not calibrated for six years, even so it delivered measurement result I do consider it as remarkable regarding calibration stability.
And it Resistivity sensitivity this is also amazing. 
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