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Author Topic: DC Multiple Outlet Panels - MFJ brand - Poor made MFJ-1117  (Read 92 times)

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MFJ brand or MFJ Enterprises, Inc. , this is not a European problem because this is in the USA.  ;D

I was investigating to get ideas about DCV Multiple Outlet Panels and I came across to this product, and very soon I came also across of a customer testimony that this product arrived to him miss-wired regarding cables polarity.

Well I did steal the pictures because expert eyes they can see much more product Assembly problems than just wrong polarity at power cables.

For example PCB it self this is half in size that what it should be used, metal housing inside has signs of rust, direct soldering over banana screws, generally speaking only a blind person it would feel good paying close to 100$ USD for eight banana plugs, plus one meter length of cable.  :P

My estimate of production cost in China (MFJ-1117) this is approximately at 2,20 USD 

Power up your amateur station with DC multiple outlet panels! These panels will let you power multiple HF/VHF radios, transceivers, and other assorted accessories, depending on which model you choose.
Plus, they provide additional protection and performance benefits for your components thanks to features like fused and RF bypassed binding posts.
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