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Author Topic: 4 July 2020: REG patch for Ts-DMM-Viewer FIX for Power saving mode OVERRIDE  (Read 3753 times)

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Ts-DMM-Viewer software development this is at the hands of it Japanese developer, but he is also a man who makes mistakes too (as for example the manipulation of the operating system settings with out User approval).

At the recent software versions, I came across to a new problem, the TsDMMView.exe (executable) this now interfering and override the power management settings of a computer regarding Screen Saver activation and DISPLAY (VGA card sleep mode).

In simple English the PC monitor screen this stays always ON and neither the Screen Saver can be activated.

By simply importing the REG file bellow, this will create an OVERRIDE rule at windows operating system and TsDMMView.exe will not be able any more to take control of VGA sleep mode and or the Screen saver.

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