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    Written by: Kiriakos A. Triantafillou, Industrial maintenance electrician, Hellas. (2012 -> 2023 -> 2025)
Digital Multimeter, Clamp on meter, Oscilloscope, Electronic component testing tools.
TsDMMViewer Multimeter Data logger Software - Made in Japan        
for FLUKE: 8846A, 8845A, FLK45, DMM4050, DMM4040. (among several other handheld multimeter)
The freeware software tool which helps you to connect your PC to your DMM quickly, so you can configure your DMM, execute measurements, graph those measurements, and export your test data in a common format, such as Excel.
Written by: Kiriakos Triantafillou  – Greece  7 April  2020 ©
History facts:
Mr. T.Shimazaki he is a hobbyist software developer based in Japan, over the years he has been involved in many projects and all are posted at his own website this welcoming  the visitors in the Japanese language.

Ts Digital Multimeter Viewer (First release) this were at 12/2003.

DMMViewer this is a software engine which nowadays this hosts profiles of several handheld multimeter.
Its one profile this includes a pack of commands them serving multimeter communication and data acquisition.

Usually most multimeter manufacturers they do deliver Programming manual this including required command sets and necessary documentation.
January 7 of 2020 I did sent an email to T.Shimazaki this be an invitation and a significant NEW challenge, as I did propose to him about us to work side by side regarding the development of first bench top multimeter profile this adding support for the FLUKE 8846A.

He partially accepted the challenge by responding that he will add support for FLK-45 emulation language that is communication profile of  the ancient FLUKE 45 multimeter.
As soon development started and In order to be helped regarding the new commands set, him even buys a used FLUKE 45.

Beginning of February we started working side by side for a first time by me getting involved as software developer assistant and compatibility testing department.

Due to poorly written FLUKE 8846A programming manual, I was forced to learn by my self the entire SCPI language and commands.
FLK-45 emulation commands set this supports a tiny amount of SCPI single commands.

The 8846A at SCPI mode this accepts entire set of commands, 8846A this is two multimeter in a single package and
complexity level about functions support with software, this is one of greatest challenges and something to remember in your entire life time.
At the date of release we are both counting an duration of two months Non-stop of daily work, among with over 80 exchanged emails, all loaded with screenshots or CSV files or Word documents, all these be containers of our own research and test results.

In the positive side of things today I feel very proud for my cooperation with Mr. T.Shimazaki, we both demonstrated unbelievable amounts of determination and hard work.
When Japan was in bed the awaken Greece was kept solving problems and vice versa.                   

Today the software profile that I do feel proud of, this has the name: FLUKE 8845A/8846A (SCPI Extra).
This supporting RS232C connectivity up to 230400 baud rate .
Personal facts:
I came in touch for a first time with data logging capable multimeter back in 2011, when Mr. Ravi Manickavasagam - Agilent Technologies – Marketing division, he selected me from entire Europe so to review and deliver feedback regarding the U1272A handheld multimeter.
First two versions of Agilent Handheld meter logger where nice but not remarkable regarding software graphic interface, but the latest 2014~2015 Handheld meter logger version this has a remarkably well designed graphical environment as single function data logger.  Unfortunately for us the users, at 2015 this Agilent to Keysight transition had as result the company to discard it flame and passion about handheld's and also abandoned any further software development and because of this decision few software bugs never resolved.
Handheld meter logger significant potentials, these motivated me and I did purchase and a third U1272A among with three Keysight  Wireless Bluetooth adaptor, among with Bluetooth 4.0 to USB module this carefully selected so the driver this using Windows XP  Bluetooth native profile.  

Within 2011 and up to 2019 I did inspect and even test several data logger software, from BRYMEN, DER EE and HIOKI so to name a few.  These software packages they were made at low budget, they do work well and serve their purpose. But in apples to apples comparison  Agilent / Keysight they did invest more at having a software this be full of inspiration and easy to use among with a lovely designed graphical environment, this able to turn any common 23”  PC monitor in to electrical test and measurement master monitor console.    
FlukeView Forms this is the software offering  from FLUKE Corporation, this is ancient design and very basic for handheld multimeter logging.  From the other hand FLUKE Corporation since 2006 did nothing so to escort with better software their supposed Top- Guns of  884xA multimeter series.  
Tektronix this has re branded FLUKE 8845A & 8846A to DMM4040 & DMM4050.
My own multimeter this were branded (but not anymore) as DMM4050 (production of 2013) and this makes me partially an Tektronix customer but Tektronix this is today an accountant office than a Test and measurement solutions developer.. They even have the insane policy not to deliver any spare part at customer hand…( with proofs of direct communication).
Tektronix  in cooperation with National Instruments software division, for a sort period of time it did offer but not anymore the Tektronix NI LabVIEW Demo,  this is one Gigabyte or more in size of worthless and destructive software regarding PC workstation performance after this be installed.
NI LabVIEW among with Keysight BenchVue, they both have the habit to conquer your PC workstation with numerous additional software installations, some relative to licensing control.
But NI this it did go many steps further,  they have software routine which this scanned my system and entire software packages that I am using among  their licence's, and shared these results remotely with another software brands.
And suddenly one old Corel VideoStudio version, this found as patched and it got blocked, while my entire collection of 30 software packages that I did purchase over the years, they did pass from this unethically made inspection.
And therefore NI you may feel free to go and Fuck your self …Simple as that. (that's my own customer experience and feedback).   
(When a consumer he is after testing a software data logger and some others they manipulate such a need,  by screwing your PC workstation operating system, and by scanning your property with out your own permission,  and then they demand a pile of Euro-Dollars for yearly licensing,  such a company this sucks big time and cannot be trusted).
2) FLUKE 8845A & 8846A (SCPI Standard)  
This profile it is recommended for all older produced 884xA , this is using  regular FETCH? command,  RS232 Connectivity,  the 8846A this gets connected and controlled in LOCAL mode.  This translates that 8846A this has currently locked front panel and stays as locked until software disconnection.
Generally speaking ( Extra and Standard ) they both offer identical remote control functions,  Fast -Mode  this is not supported.  But both  profiles they offer the magic function of  turning OFF & On  the VFD display,  one of most highest in importance feature, especially for long term data logging.
3) FLUKE 45   (8845A & 8846A compatible)
This profile it is recommended for all  FLUKE 45 multimeter among and other FLUKE benchtop DMM’s  among with other brands of multimeter when these including support for FLK 45 communication language within RS232 interface.
Control panel this including only buttons of functions available to FLUKE 45 multimeter, any compatibility with 884xA multimeter's this is limited to single functions.
Generally speaking,  this profile it can be found as useful by owners of older produced 884xA , they may have access to single remote functions, but still  8846A front panel this is unlocked and ANALYZE menu this is available to use.
Unfortunately VFD display ON/OFF functionality this does not supported due the FLK45 commands set.

Bellow pictures gallery - Graphical environment demonstration.  

Today 7 of April 2020,  Japan & Greece  we are both celebrating  and share in public
these three NEW multimeter profiles them now available
within  TsDMMViewer Version  11.1.0 & of later versions.
We hope our achievement of international Team work,
this to also become and your own favorite assistant in future Explorations at:
Electrical test and measurement, Electrical Metrology for enthusiast,
Engineers education,
Troubleshooting, R&D applications.

Mr. T.Shimazaki  - Japan  (hobbyist software developer)
Mr. Kiriakos A. Triantafillou - Greece  (industrial maintenance electrician  and founder of ITTSB Blog)
1) FLUKE 8845A & 8846A (SCPI Extra)  
This profile it is recommended for all latest produced 884xA , this is using FETCH3? command,  RS232 Connectivity, and special  Fast -Mode this is implemented at the control panel.
Fast -Mode this is execution of  FETCH3? command alone,  software auto detection commands they are paused,  the ultimate goal this is about 8846A to deliver measurements at highest speed possible and this is equal to inrush mode for DCV and DCA monitoring and measurements at 4 Digits 0.02 PLC.
Fast -Mode  when this is combined with DMMViewer Mini Style then you may expect performance of 15~16 recorded measurements per second.   
Normal mode:  At  FLUKE 8845A & 8846A (SCPI EXTRA), the 8846A front panel this is unlocked, and the user has the freedom to use (and while the multimeter this is in a remote logging session) all available Stats and Graph functions within the ANALYZE menu !!   
Normal mode: This is your new environment for the 99% of your measuring applications!
The use of 38400 baud rate this is required for maximum (software & hardware) stability.  This choice it is not a random one, when 8846A working with 2ND function on (what ever this might be), the 38400 baud rate this is required.
Additionally our recommendation about specific baud rate this acts in favor of  Fast -Mode  too and no higher baud rate this is required.     
.TsDMMViewer Multimeter Data logger Software - Made in Japan.
  The freeware software..
Whew we were at software development process, we made two crucial discoveries regarding  884xA multimeter series.  
The first discovery this is relative to hardware and firmware limitations of any 884xA this manufactured up to the year 2008 or previously.  FLUKE programming manual this mention SCPI command which the DMM does not respond.
Approximately since 2009 or later, FLUKE added support in Firmware regarding the execution of  FETCH3? command, this is actually just a text (SCPI command) but in praxis the respond of the multimeter to it, this is by 40% faster at the delivery of a measurement back to the logger software (PC host), milliseconds delay per command this is lesser.  
FLUKE Calibration:  Informed us that such 2008 revision of multimeter it can not simply accepts a later firmware revision due hardware revision limitations.
The second discovery this is relative to 884xA internal software ( all revisions of them).  While the 8846A for example this is capable to deliver simultaneously measurements of two different functions.  The named as 2ND,  even up to date the FLUKE R&D team this skipped to properly support it with necessary command this named as CONF2?, and now the outcome is that working range or other relative parameters to 2ND these cannot be extracted (reviewed or controlled)  by any logger software.
FETCH3? command or CONF2?, both are not in the standard SCPI commands set,  but any manufacturer that he makes an offering of  benchtop multimeter with 2ND function available .. He is Obligated to deliver nothing less than a complete product in the market.  
GW Instek at 2014 this did not skipped to properly support their DMM with 2ND function, by the use of CONF2? command line (in software and hardware support levels).
Mr. T.Shimazaki, started this experimental software production at 12 / 2003 since then and after, many steps they were made in the positive direction regarding a higher number of supported handheld multimeter or LCR meter or even digital thermometers.
DMMViewer this is a light weight software, this simply cooperating with windows operating system and especially with RS232C Com Port.
Regarding Operating systems : This is a Windows XP friendly and it may be used up to latest version of windows.
Hardware requirement just one:  Get the original Data logging KIT for the model of your DMM or digital meter.     
As soon your RS232 serial cable or RS232 converted cable to USB (among necessary drivers), this is connected to your Windows PC then you are ready to explore the DMMViewer experience!
Beginning of 2019 I did my first communication with Mr. T.Shimazaki, back then I was exploring the measuring potentials of the BRYMEN BM869 at 500.000 counts mode.
Back then I did offer my assistance as software tester and in a few days the 500.000 counts mode this were properly supported.  Other Greek positive influences at DMMViewer Project are the choices of colors at Dark Graph mode, and also the active timer dimensions and digits color this were improved too.
And the experience this changed to a more positive and professionally looking one when graph window this get maximized (Full screen mode).
April 2020: DMMViewer & FLUKE Benchtop multimeter Support.
DMMViewer & FLUKE 884xA available Profiles:

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Within ITTSB Blog forum all DMMViewer users they can receive support in English.
Special Thanks to: FLUKE Calibration in the USA and Japan for the offering of clarifications regarding 884xA series.
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