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    Written by: Kiriakos A. Triantafillou, Industrial maintenance electrician, Hellas. (2012 -> 2023 -> 2025)
Digital Multimeter, Clamp on meter, Oscilloscope, Electronic component testing tools.

Critique is a Hellenic invention and a tool which this helps progress, by motivating the good so this to become even better.

Kiriakos A. Triantafillou is an industrial maintenance electrician based in Volos Greece, born at 10 May 1969.

I am an active electrician for about 30 years up to date (2015), and actually an second generation electrician due the insistence of my father (Andrew Triantafillou) whom converted me in to a electrician trainee (in the weekends time) when I was just eleven years old (1980).   

Volos is a major Greek port, plus having two industrial zones, and plenty of industrial electricians.

And this was true until local political sector crisis driver by North Europe directives, this caused a tremendous blow to Greek industry,  now this is shrink and unemployment is out of control.    

ITTSB Blog  is my very own attempt so to become useful again to others by working remotely due Internet so to make my living.

My offering is the contribution of content related to electrical measurements equipment.

I do written product reviews about carefully chosen equipment and tools, which them have much to offer in the hands of a professional repairman / troubleshooter / field technician.

My new obligations as Blogger:

1) To monitor the market about discovering new products and latest technological trends coming from Electrical Test & Measurement industry sector,

that makes me partially to look as journalist.

2) Direct PR with marketing directors.

3) Web design, IT management, photographer, and in depth testing for about 30 days of all incoming product samples, so me to collect enough experiences as material about writing my own technical report about this product.

My review this is posted at ITTSB Blog and stays in public view for two years time, additionally a copy of it this is send back to vendor / product manufacturer, as feedback for internal evaluation.

4) This new way of bidirectional communication between a Blogger and a vendor in the language of marketing this called as inbound marketing.

I am not a video blogger, I prefer to use carefully my keyboard so my technical comments them to reflect my opinion about a product by the best possible way.

Naturally I own a modern video camera, but I am using it only at special topics.  

ITTSB Blog this is a personal web project which this is planned

to stay On-line up to 2025 at least.

Note: Active since 1 September 2015,

New product reviews them can be scheduled only if a product vendor, him accepts contributing by a donation to this Blog.


About sending product samples, please be aware that any customs clearance fee, this have to be absorbed by the sender.

For further details please visit our contact-us page (website navigation bar).

Kiriakos A. Triantafillou.

Industrial Maintenance Electrician, ITTSB Blog founder, Electronics repairs lab, DMM repair - Calibration.

Indeed ! not the diplomatic parlance.

 (Comment by Wendy Tsao / DER EE sales Dept.

At 2012 about my reviews tone.)

Last two decade activity’s

Freelancer Industrial electrician - local support of industrial factories, and communication link between foreign technical teams who are responsible in servicing the installed machinery of their local client’s. My work is to run diagnostics in software, optical inspection, electrical measurements, and to follow the directions of their engineers.

Occasionally I do repairs of home electronics.

2003 / For two years I was installing satellite data transfer links (real-time) stock market exchange observation systems. With  a satellite receiver in a computer server, plus active clients in the local network.  Fixing the dish, cables installation, server setup, host software setup, a true challenge for any one.

2006-2008 / For another two years, I was servicing photocopiers, as repairman in the local Panasonic and Ricoh branch, plus cashiers service and installation of small Panasonic telephone center.

2008-2011 / Industrial maintenance electrician,  working in a factory, controlled by the ministry of national defence. Armoured tanks total rebuild facility/ body /engine / weapons calibration.

2012 ~ 2024 ITTSB.EU completed an productive cycle, but professional blogging this proved as not financially rewarding.   

I do now seek alternative business path so to focus the best in me in to something new.


Technical Lyceum (4 years). Specialization: Industrial electrician, class 1988.

School:  EPL Volos City

Last year coarse's:  Electrical advanced training, introduction to business administration, computers training, foreign language.

1989-1990  Served the Greek Air force / tactical Aviation headquarters.  Specialization: Telecommunications Supervisor. NATO HF/SSB.

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