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Four Industrial handheld multimeter tested above the 1000 ACV mark.

Monday 1 February 2016

ITTSB Blog up to date this performed many individual reviews of handheld multimeter, this latest benchmark has to do with the performance of four full size multimeter's when them get tested out of their measuring specifications’ that is above the 1000 ACV range.

Few months back I started thinking to build for my lab one amplifier which this in combination with a function generator, it will work as adjustable ACV source not only regarding output voltage, but this should also have wide bandwidth.

After testing several configurations of amplifiers’ and parts, I did succeed making my own design which this includes dual TDA2040 them working as bridge amplifier with split power supply.

Dual TDA2040 output (Sinewave) this gets further amplified due regular transformer this working as step-up.

Today with just an input of just 150~250mv ACV my circuitry this is able giving an output of 230 ACV up to 1630 ACV which this varying in the bandwidth of 50Hz up to 9 KHz.

Four multimeter was tested above 1000V mark and the results they are quite interesting.

FLUKE 28II this measured up 1100 ACV and then displayed OL (Out of range).

Agilent U1273A this measured up to 1500 V and then displayed OL (Out of range).  

HIOKI DT4282 this measured 999 V and above that mark the meter was displaying 1000V by activating High voltage alert (sound beeps & red flashing backlight) and in this condition the meter was in denial to measure even 1V above the 1000V mark.

BRYMEN BM869 this measured all the way up to 1630 ACV for several minutes, and such a performance caused a major positive impression to me.

From such a testing what seems as useful conclusion to me this is the gained awareness of such limits which they are totally undocumented by all manufacturers.

My new ACV voltage source this can be considered as harmless, mostly because it amperage this is limited to 200~300 mA, as soon I will enclose my circuitry in a box, I will present in public all details of it at my forum.

DIY (Low cost) waveform generator amplifier up to 200V AC