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Cheerman DT8780 mini review ( IR gun thermometer the cheapest 50:1)

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By exploring an significant amount of information regarding thermo cameras and single spot infrared thermometers, I did finally made my mind of factors that matters the most.

The spot size is the most crucial for an electrician who have in mind aiming and measuring active electrical parts located inside of electrical panels.

The below graph is the actual specifications of what we need the most, an 16 mm diameter for small parts ( so to be scanned from a safe distance of 800 mm ), and at 1.5M the beam gets even wider which is still good for inspections of parts mounted over a wall or even on the ceiling, as for example an air-condition unit or parts of lights fixtures (electrical ballast).

I did came also in the conclusion that retail price alone of those gun type thermometers, this is a pointless indication about choosing the right one. Therefore, I did wrote this mini review so to motivate you in the right direction regarding true needs of an electrician, and tailored correctly solutions.

The key word this is the 50:1 and the source of getting your own this is up to you. (Location, availability, etc,)

Just click over the picture so to read more about my findings.

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